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Pack It Freezable Snack Bags

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Take snacks, medicine and more anywhere in this new innovative freezable cooler bag! The secret is a special freezable gel built into the walls of the bag. Simply store the entire bag in the freezer overnight. Once the bag is frozen, its walls generate waves of cold air that chill your food and drinks from all sides. No ice packs needed. Ever! PackIt’s patented built-in technology keeps items cool all day without ever needing ice packs. It’s so powerful that it can even drop the temperature of liquids 25 degrees within the first hour. That’s right—it actually makes room-temperature items cold! Best of all, it folds up for compact storage in your freezer and is ready to go when you are. Designed for snacks, medicine and cosmetics, this petite bag is perfect for traveling short distances. The tapered design is ultra-portable and fits into any corner of your backpack, tote or gym bag.
Open: 5”H x 9”W x 4”D Folded: 5.25”H x 9.5”W x 1.25”D https://youtu.be/8Lks3kT8jXc
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