How do you Shoplift?

Its easy! 

We are a general gift store with a storefront in Airdrie, Alberta and a website (here!) that we offer fun unique products on!

Simply add yourself to our email and text list and you will get weekly deal codes for promotions and savings, and even some fun texts (we love our shenanigans!). You can add yourself by scrolling down and adding your email to subscribe!

We also have a very interactive larger Facebook Group that you can join here and we have a Facebook business page you can follow here. More fun is had on Instagram here.

We will email you 2-3 times per week. These emails will be about offers, deals and events as they pertain to Shoplift. We will also utilize text notifications from time to time as well for these topics, too.

When you order from us, you will also receive auto generated emails that will include your order confirmation, receipt, your order transition (as it moves from processing, to shipping, etc), and notifications of deliveries or availability for pick up in store when your order is ready. 

We do not share your information with anyone or for any reason, outside of order fulfillment (secure payment solutions and secure shipping program). When you opt in for communication, it is only for our company and we are not affiliated with any other organization where sharing of this information happens. 

If you need any support, please reach out to us via email at support@shopliftdeals.com

Thank you and we hope you enjoy shoplifting!