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Pampered Chef Cutting Salad Bowl! Salads made easy!

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Another incredible kitchen must-have by Pampered Chef!

Make homemade salads with fresh ingredients in the Salad Cutting Bowl! Add your fresh ingredients to the bowl in the morning, and stash your toppings, dressing, and utensils in the compartments.

When you're ready for lunch, use the colander to wash and drain your fruits and veggies, then turn it over to use it as a cutting guide. The cutting guide even rotates 90 degrees and clicks into place, helping you create bite-size pieces.

Includes a colander/cutting guide, bowl with lid, cutting platform with compartments, and condiment container with lid.

All the pieces snap together for easy transportation.

The cutting guide clicks into place and rotates 90 degrees, so you don't cut the same direction twice.


So EASY! Out for delivery mid September!

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