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Pook Dukes (Mitts)


Inspired by the Pook Toque, Pook Dukes use the same Classic Canadian socks and are lined with polar fleece.

The result is nothing short of a miracle. You realize that feet are kinda like hands you walk on right? So why not put socks on your hands? Think of yourself more like an orangutan… It just makes sense.

Pook dukes have won Gold 4 years straight (we didn’t even enter the contest 5 years ago) at the world mitten championships held in Geneva Switzerland every spring. The wool socks we use actually absorb ambient light, this is called the ‘mitten marbling effect’ and causes a drastic contrast with your hair making it shiner and healthier. It amplifies your hair, guaranteed. Subscribe to Mitten Magazine international? We would be featured if that magazine existed. You’re welcome!


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