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Pool Candy Splash Runner Deluxe Motorized Lounger: FREE SHIPPING!

Special Price CA$239.99 Regular Price CA$299.99
Lounge in luxury with movement right at your finger tips!

A new design with 20% increase in speed, dual 66-watt motors activate at the touch of a button to give you 360° control. Spin, turn, and motor to the swim up bar in style.

Relax in the most feature-rich, battery-powered pool lounger ever! Drive Forward, Backward, Left, Right, relocate to a sunny spot or propel over to the shade - the Splash Runner puts you in the driver's seat!

Why float when you can drive? The Splash Runner by PoolCandy is a motorized pool lounger that will revolutionize the way you relax and play on the water! Drive around the pool with powerful dual 66-watt motors that activates at the touch of a button – spin and turn in every direction! The Splash Runner inflatable raft has also been refined to provide superior maneuverability in the water.

Designed and tested for safety. The propellers are fully enclosed behind a protective safety grill.

Comes with a 30 day warranty

Designed for use in still water: Pools, Lakes. Rivers or bodies of moving water means things like rocks and debris that can cause damage to the motor that won't be covered under warranty.

Runs on 8 D batteries!

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