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Pool Candy Jumbo Motorized Tube Runner: FREE SHIPPING!

Special Price CA$174.99 Regular Price CA$203.99
Introducing: The Motorized Jumbo TubeRunner by Pool Candy!

Your drink or book will never be too far in this battery-powered pool lounger! Maneuver away from splashing kids, or steer into the shade when the sun is too scorching with it’s three-blade propeller system. 360° control allows you to bump ‘em, race ‘em, and drive donuts around other less cool pool goers. Ah, luxury!

Comes with a 30 day warranty

Designed for use in still water: Pools, Lakes. Rivers or bodies of moving water means things like rocks and debris that can cause damage to the motor that won't be covered under warranty.

Runs on 4 D batteries!

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