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Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bombs sets of 6!


Poseidn makes your drink dreams come true! Custom 3D software creates the shape of the products, which are paired with natural ingredients like fruit juices, herbs and spices to design nearly any recipe you can think of!

Without getting too technical, the technology consists of solidifying very small layers (down to 50micrometer) of food one on top of the other. Each layer is slightly different and after hundreds of "2D layers", we end up with a "3D Drink!"

The packaging solution is recyclable and individually protects each 3D Drink! Each Drink bomb is 11g each and comes in a set of 6 per flavour!

Each cocktail bomb comes with simple , 3 -step instructions to take your bomb from a cool shape to a cool cocktail. See below for ingredients and more info!

**PLEASE NOTE: These incredible 3D Drink Bombs can be enjoyed without alcohol. Please feel free to add them to gingerale or sparkling water as well!**


Comes in 7 refreshing flavours, each flavour comes with a set of 6:

-Cucumber & Lime (Gin & Tonic)

-Grapefruit & Basil (Gin & Tonic)

-Moscow Mule (Vodka)

-Peach Margarita

-Pineapple & Coconut (Rum)

-Raspberry & Green Tea (Gin)

-Tiki Mai Tai

Out for delivery by the 3rd week of June!

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