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Premium Plush Faux Fur Accent Pillows: With or without the insert!


Pillow Addicts REJOICE!

These beautiful plush faux fur pillows are what every couch and bed needs!

These come in an array of colours:



-lavender (Colour is similiar to a light pink)

-pink (Colour is similar to a dusty rose) 



They also come with an optional insert! So if you already have an insert, you can just reuse that for these and get the cover alone!

Made of 86% Polyester, 11% Cotton, 3% Rayon, wash on delicate and air dry or tumble on no heat. Made in China. 17" x 17" in size!

Caution when opening zipper to ensure the faux fur is opened away from the zipper to prevent the fur from being zipped into the zipper.

***Please note that the inserts will not arrive in Canada until the end of March.***

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