Force Field Cloak


Introducting: The Force Field Cloak!
Fight off monsters in the dark with this awesome Non Toxic, Glow in the Dark Blanket!

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Remember when we were kids and afraid of the dark- unable to fall asleep for fear of monsters under the bed or in the closet? We would hide under our blankets because we believed they had the power to protect us. Millions of children worldwide experience fear of the dark at night, and parents struggle to find a solution. The Force Field Cloak visually reinforces that protective power children believe in already, only now with a brightly glowing high-tech energized protective shield, making them feel more secure and safe.

Force Fields are lightweight, easy to carry and the perfect size for children. Dimensions are 40 inches wide by 54 inches long. The fabric is a non-toxic fleece. It is perfect for the Ebes to weave their powerful Force Field designs on and for children to snuggle with.


Our patented Force Fields use proprietary glow in the dark ink. They glow brighter and longer (8+ hours) than any other product on the market. The instructions for use are simple: lay your cloak underneath a bright light for 10-15 minutes to charge the Force Field. The longer the better. A black light was used in the video to supercharge the Force Field, taking approximately thirty seconds. You do not need a black light for your Force Field, but it’s always a fun way to enhance the playability.
Check for our Black Light options to fast charge your cloak!
The first question we always get: “is it safe?” Parents, you will happy to know that Force Fields are totally safe. Force Fields use a non-toxic organic glow in the dark ink.
Cold-water wash, air tumble dry, no ironing or bleach and your Force Field will glow for years.
Available colors:
To select your color option(s), please select from the following and tell us in the selections section:
-Green Grid (yellow fabric with Green Glow Grid pattern)
-Hot Pink Flower (hot pink fabric with pink glow flower pattern)
-Blue Honeycomb (blue fabric with blue glow honeycomb pattern)
-Orange Spiral (Orange fabric with orange glow spiral pattern)
-Blue Star (Soft pink fabric with blue glow star pattern)
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