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Sock Dock: Storage & Laundry organizer!

Sock Dock: Storage & Laundry organizer!

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Do you have a sock basket? A sock basket is where all the family socks sit until you can find it's mate. or until you have time to sock match. Who is sick of spending time on socks?!

Introducing the AUTHENTIC and PATENTED Sock Dock! And YES! They really do work!

The SockDock® is a simple & easy-to-use sock organizing and laundry tool designed to keep socks in pairs while washing, drying and storing, so you never have to sort, match or search for socks EVER again!

It’s the only sock loss prevention AND storage system on the market. ** There are many versions of this in market that are counterfeit and DO NOT work! 

How it works:

1. Starting at the bottom, place one pair of dirty socks between 2 sliders, and adjust top slider down to socks.

2. Once full of socks, remove the hanger and toss the SockDock in washing machine with a regular load of laundry, then the dryer

3. Hang SockDock® with clean socks in closet

Features & Benefits:

* Wash, dry & store socks

* Sold in pairs – one for clean socks, one for dirty socks

* Each SockDock holds up to 9 pairs of socks

* You can wash less socks on the sock dock, simply put socks on the end sliders with space in the middle

* Works with any size socks (baby – adult)

* Anyone can use the sock dock, including young children!

* Washer-safe, dryer-safe (certified by Bureau Veritas Laboratories)

* Cord will not fade or bleed

* Also works with headbands, gloves, hats, scarves, undergarments, & onesies

* Saves time, money & relationships

Each unit includes a pair, so you are never without a sock dock if it's laundry day!

Out for delivery by the first week of March!

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