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The must have item for any make up enthusiast! Whether you wear a little or a lot, the Profusion Magnetix line is brand new in Canada and is top of the Christmas "must have" list for 2019! Available in the following options:

Profusion Magnetix Eyeshadow Blender

Is blending your cardio too? If so, our Eyeshadow Blender needs to sprint into your makeup bag, pronto. The soft, tapered bristles make applying bold pigments effortless, and every eye look a masterpiece!

Profusion Magnetix Blush Brush

With bristles that are smoother than your brand-new silk PJs, the Magnetix Blush Brush has been carefully crafted to apply the perfect pop of colour to your cheeks. With its precision tapered head, why not use the Blush Brush to apply your contour, highlight... everywhere!

Profusion Magnetix Magnetic Plate with Eye Shadow Brush Set

The perfect combo to kick off your own Magnetix collection, our Display Stand and Eyeshadow Brush are the ideal starter set for the budding Makeup Artist. Name a better duo, we'll wait! Place pigments on your peepers with absolute precision using our eyeshadow brush - and place all your Magnetix brushes on the sleek Display Stand. Place the Magnetix Display Stand on any flat surface, with the Profusion logo upward-facing - the rubber pads on the underside of the plate will keep it in place.

Profusion Magnetix Core Collection

Introducing our most innovative makeup brush collection ever...

Magnetix brushes deliver flawless application with handles that magnetize to any steel surface. Designed to make storing your brushes a help rather than a hindrance, our Core Collection frame is a multipurpose tool. Why not try attaching your brushes to the upper edge to dry after washing? As well as keeping the cruelty-free bristles pristine, this will keep water from entering the base of the brush head. Whether you're new to the world of makeup or a seasoned pro, the Core Collection is a beauty essential. Including 4 essential brushes for flawless application: the classic Powder Brush, the angled Contour Brush, exclusive Flat Foundation Brush and the Eyeshadow Brush, all within a magnetic steel frame - everything you need to create the perfect look!

*Special Promo: Each purchase of the Core Collection includes a Free Brush Bath From Squeaky Clean Soaps N Such! Out for delivery by mid December!  
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