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Puzzles!! 1000pc puzzles from Kikkerland Artists and Designs


Who likes a challenge?

The 1000pc Kikkerland Honored Elders Puzzle and Farm Puzzles are perfect!

Relax and enjoy putting together these puzzles to view beautiful art from groundbreaking artists and design group.

Available in:

Honored Elders Puzzle-1000pc (Dimensions-50cm x 68cm)

Honored Elders are Fresh Artists Chip Art Program portraits featuring esteemed older people, prominent in the lives of Fresh Artists children. Pastors, aunties, grandfathers, teachers, foster parents, and even the kind bodega proprietor down the street are venerated as community treasures. The 33 young artist/philanthropists whose art is showcased on Kikkerland puzzles are proud to know these unusual and sophisticated games will be in gift and museum shops throughout the world, generating funds to save art education in severely underfunded schools throughout America.

Farm Puzzle-1000pc (Dimensions-50cm x 70cm)

Beautiful Farm art from groundbreaking art and design group Studio Job.

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