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PUZZLES! 350pc KODAK Premium

PUZZLES! 350pc Kodak

Kids more advanced than the 100 pc? Do you just want to do something a little more easier? Challenge your teens to a puzzle-a-thon and see who can finish these first! These are great for any one!

Beautiful, vibrant colours, collect all 6!

  • Extra large, fully interlocking, unique shaped pieces
  • KODAK Premium Puzzles featuring bright, sharp, colorful pictures 
  • Produced on European blue puzzle board

Availble in 6 different types: Adorable Puppies, Colourful Boats, Colourful Buildings, Hot Air Balloons, Mountains, or Candy. Or collect all 6 and save!

18" x 24" finished. Each box is 8" x 2" x 8".

Out for delivery by the end of May

Out of stock