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Rainbow Sparkle Glue Set of 6 by Ooly!

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Use the power of rainbows and glitter mixed with glue to make all you projects shiny and new!

With this pack of 6 glitter glue bottles you can bring a new glittering sparkle to your next arts and crafts projects. You can also use them to add something special to something bland. Easy!

Arts and crafts, DIY, home decor and much, much more are going to the next level with this set of Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue! Use the 6 colors to add a sparkle of glitter to art or school projects, your next decor piece or even found objects like rocks and leaves. The world is your canvas and you can stick almost anything to it with this glitter glue and have it look amazing!

6 Different glitter glue colors (20 ml bottles)







Suitable for ages 6 and up, adult supervision suggested

Out for delivery the 3rd week of June!

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