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Relaxus Colour Changing Lamps: The Moon Lamp, & The Galaxy Lamp!


Relaxus Colour Changing Lamps: The Moon Lamp & the Galaxy Lamp!

Moon Lamps:

From warm to cool lighting! Portable also, this moon lamp comes with a touch sensor to determine how bright or what hue you want your moon to be! The moon itself is made of resin and has the pits and craters that helps it look just like the moon! Wood stand is also included as shown. Relaxus Moon Lamps include: -rechargeable battery so you can move the lamp anywhere you want! -usb plug for regarching -wood stand -packaged in a box for easy gift giving -resin moon slightly under 6" in diameter

Galaxy Lamps:

The portable Galaxy Globe Light adds some atmosphere to your home. This bright and ultra-cool lamp will electrify your space in an array of glimmering lights. In the dark, it is especially stunning when the globe illuminates like a galaxy.


Choose from a variety of effects and colours to create an atmosphere that matches your mood: 16 colours, Flash effect, Strobe effect, Fade effect, Smooth effect. Product Features Bright ultra-cool lamp will electrify your space with glimmering lights. Comes with Remote control. Detachable wooden stand Multi-colour options: red, green, blue, white. 4 light modes: flash, strobe, fade, smooth. Rechargeable with USB cable (included). Lithium battery operated. Charging time: 3-4 hours. Working time: 3-6 hours. Diameter: 5.9" (15 cm). Charging input: DC 5V/1A. Charging port: USB/DC 2.0T. Battery capacity: 3.7V 250 mAh. Wattage: 25W

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