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Relaxus Telescopic Back Scratcher: Assorted Colours

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Relaxus Telescopic Back Scratcher: Assorted Colours

We have all been there:

You have an itch. But your body doesn't contort to scratch it. So you rub your back on anything: the wall, your brush, a fork... anything that will scratch that itch!

Don't be itchy without the satisfaction of a good scratch again!

These telescopic back scratchers are GREAT!

They are so inexpensive, you can add them to your gym bag, office, purse, car... even that kitchen junk drawer or bedside table for easy access whenever an itch arises!

Product Features:

  • Extend from 8.0" inches to 26.500"... Perfect for those hard to reach places
  • Assorted colours, orders with multiples will be a variety!
  • Comfortable foam grip

These make GREAT stocking stuffers for everyone and will be out for delivery by the end of October

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