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Rome Camping Accessories!


Try out all these awesome Camping accessories this summer!

  1. The Campfire Twiggy:
    • Stainless Steel, 71cm long, 3 prongs allows for multiple marshmellow making!
  2. Double Pie Iron:
    • 8 1/2" x 4 1/4" cooking head , 28" overall length, double sized pie iron is the king of the campfire. Make two pudgie pies at a time. Also great for calzones, pastries and is versatile enough to use as a skillet. Cast Iron/Wood.
  3. Waffle Pie Iron:
    • 3 5/8" x 6 1/2" cooking head, 30" overall length, Rectangular shaped waffles made with Rome's classic Pie Iron rods/handles for use over a campfire. 30" overall length. Cook some waffles on your next campout! Cast Iron/Wood.
  4. Pie Iron Storage Case:
    • 30" x 10" canvas,¬†Zippered closure, A convenient way to travel with and store your trusted collection of Rome Pie Irons. Easily holds 3 - 4 pie irons as well as Rome's new folding Pir Iron Grill stand. Canvas storage bag measures 30" x 10" and unzips on three sides for easy access. Store all your favourite irons in one place!

Expected out for delivery by the end of April

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