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SafeGrate: Never Grate your fingers again!

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SafeGrate: Never Grate your fingers again!
INTRODUCING: SAFEGRATE! SAY NO to cutting your fingers or knuckles when grating your favourite foods! Graters are time proven valuable tools for meal preparation but can also be frightening to use! We have all been there: the last piece of cheese slips and we grate our knuckles... how many of us have the dreaded "Grater Scar"?! It is this experience we all have that the idea for the SAFEGRATE was born! Inventory and Patent holder Lori Turk from right here in Canada (A BC gal!) set out to develop a kitch tool ensuring that no one would cut themselves using a grater again! SAFEGRATE IS: -safe for anyone to use, even children can now help with grating! -made of stainless steel -is dishwasher safe -can be used with any food: ginger, cheese, vegetables... anything you want to grate! -protects fingers when grating -great for those who are left handed -great for those who have visual impairments On sale all week until Friday, Feb 12 and out for delivery before the end of February!
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