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AUTHENTIC Scrape-A-Round

Special Price CA$10.00 Regular Price CA$14.99


These awesome products only work if they are the actual Scrape-A-Round scraper cone that is made of patented material! 

Don't be fooled by slightly less products...these are the real deal!

This Authentic, made in the USA snow remover is incredible!

Removes Snow, and ice and comes with the new twist and lock cap that doubles as a scraper for the really thick ice. These awesome products are made of softer plastic and patented! The knock offs do not work and often snap in the cold and against the strength of ice!

We are an authorized Canadian dealer and are proud to offer the original, authentic Scrape A Round Snow Scraping Cone. The cone also doubles as a funnel for adding things like antifreeze quickly to your vehicle!

This versatile product is great for anyone with a windshield! Including those with mobility issues who can't use a traditional scraper.

Available in assorted colours 

This is our fourth year offering these awesome ice-fighting products!

Out for delivery by mid Nov


Ships in approximately 2 weeks