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Shashibo Shape Shiifting Magnetic Fidget box-over 70 shapes to try and master!

Special Price CA$27.00 Regular Price CA$34.99
Introducing: SHASHIBO! The newest brain teaser and sensory toy, for any one!

Unlock the mystery of Shashibo! Each Shashibo is powered by 36 rare earth magnets. 1 cube transforms into over 70 shapes. Combine 2 or more Shashibos to build larger shapes and create more possibilities. Can you master the shape shifting box?

Start at the corners of your cube, and open it like a pistachio to begin the shape shifting transformations. It is very addictive and peaceful and provides a level of satisfaction when you do a shape, especially when it is more difficult than others!

Shashibo is for anyone, recommended 8yrs+.

Come in assorted designs, multiple orders will have all different ones as these are also a collectible product!

If you put two or more together, there are infinite possibilities of shapes!

Its a must for anyone with kids, with sensory needs, or who likes to solve brain puzzles! Compact and easy to bring anywhere, they are only 3" x 3" x 3"!

Out for delivery/pick up in store by mid July!

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