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SHOPLIFT EXCLUSIVE: Customized Authentic Znapperz Fidget Advent Calendar!

Special Price CA$25.00 Regular Price CA$29.99

These incredible Fidget Advent Calendars aren't just like everywhere else-

Ours are:

-the best price

-the best quality (we actually tested these and selected additional options that are holiday themed and customized our own)

-not available at direct-from-china stores

-have things that your kids will actually want!

-not all are exactly the same: some of the holiday fidgets are different (Santa, Christmas hat, etc, for example) and all are the same quality and size. These just have some variety between them!

Why get the same fidgets they already have? These have holiday themed and every-day fidgets so your kids aren't getting just another popit or just another key chain!

Rated for ages 3 yrs +

These will be out for delivery/in our store for purchase at the end of October!

Ships in approximately 2 weeks