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Shoplift LED Strip Lights!

Shoplift LED Strip Lights!

YES! They are all the rage! And they are back again here at Shoplift Deals!

LED Strip lights come in an array of options and lengths. We have sourced out the best and are happy to offer these for an amazing price! We also have Canadian electrical code certification for our products to ensure safety for everyone!

LED Strip lights are lights that can be used almost anywhere! They are great for: deck & fence lighting, trailer lights, home decor, teen/tween/kid bedrooms, and pretty much anywhere! Each stip has a 3M adhesive backing and can easily be stuck almost anywhere! These make a great Christmas idea as well!

Each set of our Shoplift LED Strip lights:

-5M (longer options available) reel (10M would be 2 reels, etc)

-300LEDs (30/m and the white CRI is rated 95)

-include a 24 or 44 button remote with 20 colour controls as well as patterns

-fully able to be continued with additional reels, simply plug them into each other -has a 30 day manufacturers warranty

-Canadian certification

Specs: Output: DC12V 3A LEDs: 5050 SMD Quantity of LED: 30 LEDs/Meter Waterproof: IP 65 Input: 12V 2A

Additional Product options: -wifi enabled for device control including sound activating patterns

**ALSO AVAILABLE: Extra 5M reels and 1M reels-see our Shoplift LED Strip Light Reel additional product offering!**

Out for delivery before Christmas (we expect them by the first week of December)

Out of stock