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Another awesome product from Jill's Body Bakery! Shower shakes are an enticing three in one for daily use in your shower or bath. The lather up great, smell amazing and clean exfoliate and moisturize. The best part is a little dab goes a long way as it's concentrated with no water. The shower shakes have all natural ingredients including ground a loofa which is sustainable and vegan to gently clean exfoliate and leave your skin soft and rejuvenated. The shower shake also contains old flower to keep your skin moisturized long after your bath or shower and Shea butter to maintain skin softness and moisture The shower shakes are a neutral pH totally handmade shower cream that foams up exfoliates cleans and moisturizes your skin to help during the dry months. They are concentrated products with NO WATER added so a little goes a long way. Regular Price-$20 Shoplift Price-$16
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