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SILKED: Incredible Patented Mulberry SILK Pillow Sleeves!

SILKED: Incredible Patented Mulberry SILK Pillow Sleeves!

Introducing: SILKED Patented Pillow Sleeves: 19 Momme Mulberry Silk!

This open-ended design is revolutionizing the pillow case industry!

The Silked sleeve is patented, open-ended, and has a non-slip back. It fits over most standard, queen, AND king pillows, making it such an incredible and universal product that can be used almost anywhere! 

Made of 100% 19 Momme Mulberry Charmeuse Silk Front, and a 95% Rayon 5% Spandex Non-slip Back..

Offers long-term beauty sleep investment with major benefits including: prevents "bedhead", prevents hair breakage, prevents dry & frizzy hair. The Silked line is hypo-allergenic, prevents skin creases and fine lines and is a great anti-aging support as well as quelling skin irritations. Silk's natural proteins and 18 amino acids have added anti-aging benefits. These also add a pop of beautiful style to your bedroom and are incredible for travelling (when we can travel again!).


Silked woman-preneurs manufacture these sleeves locally in LA, California with imported fabrics. Born out of necessity by two mixed chicks, this company is also an incredible Black-Female owned business. 

Boost Your Beauty Sleep! It's a thing.....

Available in Grey, Ivory, or Ivory w/Champagne trim

Also available in SATIN as well!


On sale all week until Friday, Feb 12 and expected to be out for delivery by the end of February!

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