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Sole Soft Deep Exfoliating Foot Peeling Mask: EWW!


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Do you want soft feet for summer? Before they can get better, they get gross! BUT its worth it! With these one-time use deep exfoliating masks, turn your feet into the envy of every baby bum! After use of the Sole Soft mask, your feet will peel away all the dead skin and you are left with gloriously soft feet!

Choose from either Original or Peppermint & Tea Tree, from Canadian Health & Wellness Company: Relaxus, approved for use by Health Canada. *Please note: we have had a few shoplifters report a reaction to the Tea Tree version. If you are unsure if you have a Tea Tree allergy, we recommend you purchase the Original instead.*


  1. open the package
  2. cut the tops of the "sock-sleeve" off
  3. slip your CLEAN and DRY feet into the sock sleeve
  4. tighten at the ankle with the self adhesive tab
  5. wear for 60-90 mins
  6. take your feet out and rinse them off
  7. towel dry
  8. wait 2-7 days for your dead skin to peel off

WARNING: do not pull at the edge of your peeling skin! skin will come off naturally. TIP: you may want to plan to wear socks on days 5-7 so you don't leave your DNA everywhere. Yes, it is that gross, and Yes! It is also that amazing!  

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