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Sprout Plantable Graphite Pencils Set of 10!

Special Price CA$19.00 Regular Price CA$22.99
Plants from pencils? What? YES! These awesome items are an incredible pencil that you can use as any other-sharpen it, write with it, erase it... When you are done, turn it over and plant the end and see your flower or herb grow!
  • 10 graphite pencils tipped with seed capsules for growing herbs such as basil, sage and thyme.
  • These high quality Sprout pencils are the only original and patented seed pencils in the world
  • 100% eco friendly and lead-free, Sprout pencils are made from only natural and biodegradable components.
  • The perfect gift for creative kids, school children and adults, or for anyone who loves new eco friendly ideas
  • Available in graphite or colored (see colored pencil set also available this week on Shoplift!)
These ship from the US and can take up to 4 weeks, delivery expected mid May (make a great end of year gift for teachers, fellow students, birthday giveaways, etc)  
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