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Squeaky Clean Soapery: Gourmet Soaps your skin deserves!

Squeaky Clean Soapery: Because life is too short for ugly soap!

Handcrafted luxury soap bars created using only the finest natural and organic ingredients specifically formulated to satisfy your every soap need. Incredible lather, delectable scents, ultra moisturizing, long lasting, and beautiful!

Available as individual full 80g bars in the following scents:

Lavender, Wintermint, Magnolia, Black Salt & Cypress, Love Struck (Peach/Strawberry), Manchurian Dragon (Bowl of Berries), Lemongrass Lime, or Candy Crush (sweeter, sugar candy scent).

And also available as sample packs:

#1: Fragrant & Floral Pack:

4 - 20 gram mini bars




1-Black Salt & Cypress

#2: Fruity & Fun Pack:

4 - 20 gram mini bars

1-Love Struck (Peach/strawberry)

1-Manchurian Dragon (bowl of berries)

1-Lemongrass Lime

1-Candy Crush (sweet candy sugar rush)

For a complete description of each scent and its ingredients, please see below!

Out for delivery by the end of July!

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