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Stocking Stuffer Loot: Holiday Poop Soap!

Poop: Everyone does it! Even our favourite holiday characters! Except this poop is magical: it is actually soap! Another exquisite creation from Squeaky Clean Soaps N Such, introducing the holiday poop soap collection, exclusively at Shoplift Deals! No actual poop was used in the making of this soap! Just some great organic and natural ingredients that will lather up like crazy, smell amazing, and will leave your kids' hands clean and moisturized! Each "poop" measures 2 inches in diameter and approximately 3 inches high. One order equals one poop, packaged. Reindeer poop smells like cocoa puffs, and the Elf Poop and the Grinch Poop smell like fruity berries. Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, sustainably sourced palm, olive, castor*, avocado*, mica pigments, and phthalate-free fragrance oil. *organic limited quantities of each! Out for delivery second week of November
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