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Stocking Stuffer Loot: Spinnobi!

Special Price CA$13.00 Regular Price CA$15.99
Introducing the Spinnobi! Spinnobi are so much more than a fidget spinner! They were invented in Israel and quickly became all the rage. Now we have them here! Bounce your SPINNOBI anywhere you want. Try springing the SPINNOBI bucket challenge. Pop it with your hands and feet, toss it at targets and much much more. There are many tricks and challenges and your imagination will keep you innovating new ones. Spinnobis come in 4 different shapes and many colors. Each is sold separately. Once you hold one in your hand, you can't help but play with it... in addition to the tricks, you can also spin it, and squeeze the spring knobs for additional stimulation. These are GREAT for anyone who likes sensory play, things that are quiet for fidgeting and for general play. Comes in assorted colours and shapes... See the below video for more on how awesome these are!   https://youtu.be/fYa-dGd21ZI
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