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Stocking Stuffer Loot: Stikbot

Meet StikBot: the world’s first social media sharing toy, with the capacity to shape your imagination into endless possibilities. With StikBot’s ability to mimic human motion, StikBot can be whatever you want. Create your own movie! Download the free mobile app, Stikbot Studios, for iOS and Android. StikBot’s special ability to twist and move in addition to his sticky suction cup feet makes stop motion animation quick and easy: just snap, pose and repeat. The camera takes single photos and strings them together as one video. Because StikBots animate best at lower frame rates, the app is set to shoot at 10 frames per second, making it easy to know how long your video will be (60 frames = 6 seconds). You Create. You Animate. You Share! Stikbots Action Pak: Stikbots want to act in YOUR creations! Simply pose them for a photo or download our free mobile app, ZING STUDIO for iOS and Android and begin sharing your smart creations with #STIKBOT! And with the new Action pack accessories you can use these hairstyles, hats, helmets, weapons and other cool lifestyle props to make your movies come to life! Packages come in assorted colours and accessories. Multiple orders will be different from each other! Includes 1 Stikbot with Life Styles, Weapon Pack Helmet Pack, and Hair Styles Product Dimensions: 4.75"L x 1.15"W x 9.5"H Stikbot Pets Pak: Stikbot Pets are sticky bots whom will adhere to almost any smooth surface. They want to interact with YOU, so please do so. Stick them to table tops and computer screens. Hang them from cups and drinking glasses. Help them climb bathroom tiles and car windows. They will go almost anywhere! Stikbot Pets also like to act. Download a free stop motion animation app for your smart-phone or ipad from the app store and get to work! It is easy to do, is good fun and the animations are easy to share. See StikBot animations at www.youtube/user/stikbottv. Without you, Stikbot Pets stand very still. With you, Stikbot Pets come alive! -Enjoy. Packages come in assorted animals and colours, 16 to choose from! Multiple orders will be different from each other! Product Dimensions: 4.69"L x 1.38"W x 4.21"H Stikbots Delux Set: Includes one stikbot and one stikpet and a tripod for your phone! Also includes a free app for iPhone and Android which makes it super fast and simple to shoot stop animation videos of Stikbot and quickly share to social media sites. Each figure stands 3-inches tall. Stikbot's suction cup-tipped limbs will adhere to almost any flat surface allowing for easy posing for photographs and stop-animation filming. Packages come in assorted colours. Multiple orders will be different from each other! Product Dimensions: 9.25"L x 1"W x 7.5"H Out for delivery by end of October!
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