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Stocking Stuffer Loot: Strawz Connectible Drinking Straws kit


Stocking Stuffer Loot ALERT!

Fun, reusable, and an inexpensive gift! The Strawz Connectable Drinking Straw set is great for anyone! Each set is:

  • CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN CRAZY DRINKING STRAW SET-UPS -- kit contains everything you need to let your sipping imagination run wild
  • NON-TOXIC AND DISHWASHER SAFE - safe for kids and playful adults
  • FUN!


  • 20 flexible connectors and 24 straws
  • 4 U-shaped connectors, 4 elbows, 2 T's, 8 joins, and 2 intersections
  • 12 long straws and 12 short straws
  • Dishwasher safe
  • For children 6+

This has been played in our house for the entire year. It was an incredible purchase for my kiddos last christmas!

Out for delivery by the end of October


Out of stock