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Tasty Buds: Gourmet Chocolate Buds

Cannabis? NOPE! But is sure looks like it! Tasty Buds is a Canadian (of course invented by a British Columbian!) company offering gourmet chocolate treats with a healthy kick, all disguised as Cannabis! Tasty Buds come in 3 delicious flavours: Raspberry Haze, Blueberry Yum Yum & Mint Cookies. Order the flavour you want to try! The Non Medicated Chocolate That Looks Like Weed, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Weed!” A Blend of flavours and Hemp Hearts, Rice Krispies and Fine Quality Chocolate make this an irrisistible snack, just when you need it!

“Tasty Buds are NOT CANNABIS, they’re NOT a medicated edible. They do not contain THC or CBD and they will NOT get you high in any way. They’re just delicious”

Available in: -gift set of 3 (1 of each flavour of Tasty Bud, each 28 g size sample bag) -individual bags (112g each, individual flavors) Flavour options: -Raspberry Haze: Tart Raspberry combined with hazelnut praline. A blend of freeze-dried raspberry’s, hazelnut praline, hemp hearts, rice crispies and fine quality chocolate. -Mint Cookies: Classic combination of cookies and cream with fresh mint. A cluster of crushed Oreo cookies, organic peppermint oil, hemp hearts, rice crispies and fine quality chocolate. -Blueberry YumYum: Bursting citrus and blueberry with hints of matcha.  A combination of BC blueberries, organic lemon oil, matcha powder, hemp hearts, rice crispies and fine quality chocolate. Made and shipped here in Canada. Out for delivery by the second week of April  
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