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Create Your CUSTOM COLOUR Nail Polish with these kits from TaylorMade! *EXCLUSIVE to SHOPLIFT!

One shade simply doesn't fit all.
**BONUS 100 Shoplift Points with each kit**
Make unforgettable custom nail polish of your own with this Custom Nail Polish Kit from TaylorMade. Included are all the ingredients, supplies and instructions needed to compose colors that are uniquely you.
A color kit that allows you to find your true hue. By combining eco-friendly ingredients, long-lasting formula, and comprehensive but easy-to-follow instructions, TaylorMade has created a custom nail polish experience unlike any other.
Whether you're a nail polish novice or a mixing master, you're going to love the shade you make. One curated kit has everything necessary to make three custom colors; we'll provide the ingredients and supplies, all that's needed is you!
The Custom Nail Polish Kits are not just about color mixing, they’re meant to help you discover that perfect shade, that vibrant hue, and inspire a feeling of empowerment every clean beauty enthusiast expects when they mix, wear, or share our products. The process is a little like science, a bit like cooking, and a lot like art – all in one beautiful package.
Colour Kits Available:
  • Pink/Red/Purple
  • Green/Blue/Yellow/Teal
  • Coral/Red/Orange/Yellow
  • Rose Gold/Gold/Copper/Silver
  • Gray/Black/White

 Perfect for so many occasions: gift giving, bridal showers, birthday gifts, girls night in, tween/teen bday parties, and any night you feel like doing your nails and making something for yourself! We are so excited about this product!

***SPECIAL NOTE: We are customizing our own colours and WE WANT YOU to submit your colours to us to see which ones will make up the official Shoplift Deals colours!! So, We are going to have virtual mix parties and all kinds of fun making these! We can't wait to see what colours everyone comes up with!***

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