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Tetris Light Set! Retro fun for all!

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TetrisBlock Light Set! Retro fun for all!

A flash back to our childhood!

Were you a Tetris Master?!

These awesome interactive TetrisBlock lights come with 7 pieces that you can remove and add to complete a new tetris view each time! Each piece lights up as it is placed with the others, as long as the base is used and plugged in!

-Powered by a standard 120V AC Adapter cord with Canadian Electrical Certification

-LED Lights so it doesn't get hot and is power efficient and lasts a long time!

-On/Off switch located in the blue base piece

-comes with 7 pcs per set as shown, all sets are the same

-11" x 8" x 1.5" 


On sale now until Feb 12 and out for delivery by the end of Feb!

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