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The Fruit Fly Trap by Modern Home: Take back your house!

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They are called "no-see-ums" for a reason.

So you can stop trying to "get" them by clapping in the air. They are like little houdinis. And they like to lay eggs on things they land on: your plants, your compost bin, your fruit on the counter...

Don't share your home with unwanted roommates any longer! Get rid of fruit flies easily and without random fruit/saran/cup concoctions around your house!

This Fruit Fly Trap is easy to use, and is the most attractive and effective way to rid your house of pesky fruit flies!

Simply unscrew the top, pour in the attractant and watch them disappear! After 30 days, rinse your trap out and refill!

Package contains 1 Pear Shaped Fruit Fly Trap and 15mL (0.5oz) of attractant (optional additional attractant in 30ml also available)

Made in Poland

Ships in approximately 2 weeks