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The Game of THINGS...You Won't Believe the Things You'll Hear!

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The Game of THINGS is an award winning party game that presents players with hilarious topics like:

  • THINGS....you shouldn't do when you're naked.
  • THINGS....that seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • THINGS....you can't stop giggling about.
  • THINGS....you wouldn't do for a million dollars.

Each player writes whatever comes to mind and when you try to figure our who-said-what....you won't believe the THINGS you'll hear!

This is the FULL original version of The Game of THINGS, not just the card game!

Includes 300 Topic Cards, Response Pad, Score Pad, 8 Pencils, Instructions - all stored in a wood box.

Ages: 14 to Adult
For 4 or More Players


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