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the Hoodie by Heist!

the Hoodie by Heist!

Introducing... our very own apparel line: HEIST!

This is our very own line of excellent quality apparel, always in North American sizing, always excellent quality, with superb fabrics! We are so excited to kick off our new Heist line with: the Hoodie by Heist!

WARNING: will cause fighting amongst family members!

The Hoodie by Heist is a warm cozy hug, sewn into a wearable blanket. They are luxuriously made with uber soft & fluffy man-made sherpa on the inside and smooth soft fleece on the outside! Yes, that means it is vegan and cruelty free! Comes with elasticized double cuffs, an oversized pouch pocket (perfect size for carrying small pets) and a hood! Machine washable & dryable on low heat.

Whether you want something for being cozy on the couch with a book or a movie, keeping warm while camping, during those cold winter evenings, or any other time you want to drape yourself in comfort, the Hoodie by Heist is it!

The Hoodie by Heist is sized as a man's 5XL, so one size fits everyone from age 10 years and up (Side note: we have 2 kids sizes of the Hoodie by Heist coming for the fall: age 2-6 and age 6-10! HELLO Christmas gift ideas!). Your children younger than 10 can also wear it, but it will be longer on them and that is why we are introducing the kids sizes soon!

A better design than the Snuggie and less expensive than the Oodie!

You will never want to take it off!

Currently available in:

-Solid Red, Navy, and Purple

-Patterns: light pink unicorns, light blue frenchies

In the images you will see models whose height range is from 5'to 6'2" wearing our first working design!

These are currently being manufactured and we expect them in by mid September, just in time for cooler evenings, and (dare we say it) even snow!

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