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The Seeding Square: Every Gardener's Dream!

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The Seeding Square: Every Gardener's Dream!

As seen on Dragon's Den!

This Genius invention helps any gardener, new or expert!

Each Seeding Square helps you plant your garden to maximize garden space and significantly reduce weed growth!

Seeding Square will space and organize your garden like a dream!

Why People Love Seeding Square:

  • Maximizes garden layout for highest yield possible.
  • Organizes each seed and plant with perfect spacing
  • Makes weeds easy to spot
  • For all sizes of garden: plant in rows or by square-foot
  • The colour-coded holes makes gardening fun for all ages
  • Each kit includes: Seeding Square, Seeding Spoon, Seeding Wand, Planting Guide, and Instructions

    Out for delivery mid March!

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