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The Shoplift Loot Box: The Bougie Box

Special Price CA$110.00 Regular Price CA$189.00
100% of 100
Introducing: The first ever SHOPLIFT LOOT BOX LAUNCH!

These incredible surprise boxes are loaded with awesome products, all authentic and all at an incredible deal!

What is in it? We aren't telling! ITS A SURPRISE! We will share one hint for one item in the Bougie Surprise Box: Its considered XL, but literally anyone can make use of it!

Its a total surprise and almost everything in all of our Shoplift Loot Boxes are items that have never been offered before in store or online!

They are a true SURPRISE box and we are JUST GETTING STARTED!

This launch is our first ever Bougie Surprise Box!

The Bougie Box has things that are pretty, fancy, sparkly, delicious, and BOUGIE! Each Bougie Box has a value of $189, but you get them at this incredible Shoplift Box price!

Also check out our first ever GOODIE Surprise Box in another product offering! If you like fun goodies, you don't want to miss it!

These Shoplift Loot Boxes are not a subscription box. They are special SURPRISE boxes that always hold fun new products that we have especially brought in for your enjoyment! They are also limited quantities and will be an awesome gift...just for you!

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