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The Laundry Strip! Think Your Laundry is Clean? Think Again!

100% of 100

Think that your laundry is squeaky clean when it comes out of the washing machine?  Think again!  We are here to tell you - it's really gross and not as clean as you think! 

But we have a solution for you!  Deep clean your laundry, sheets, pillows and everything else with The Laundry Strip!

Why Strip?

Stripping removes any detergent or fabric softener build up residue, body soiling, and body oils left in the fabric after your laundry routine. Unfortunately, some of our usual laundry practices leave fabrics looking dull, feeling stiff, and reducing absorbency. But not any longer! BEHOLD: The Laundry Strip by Shoplift Deals!

It's super simple to do!  Each package has enough solution to clean 1 load of laundry.  Simply add the Strip packet contents to the bathtub or a large vessel full of hot water, as well as one regular load portion of your favourite laundry soap, mix this all together in your tub/vessel, and let your garments soak (a broom handle is a great tool to help with this!).  Watch all the grossness as it strips out of your laundry!

 See our gross pictures below of our WHITES (or supposed to be whites) and the colour of the water as it soaks. Say it with us: "EEEW, David!"

Ships in approximately 2 weeks