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The Woobles Beginner Crochet Amigurumi Kits


Introducing: WOOBLES!

Learn to Crochet Kits!

Can I really learn how to crochet from these kits?

You bet - over 100,000 people have learned crochet with The Woobles, and you can be next!

Just follow the step-by-step video tutorials that come with each kit. Our beginner kits also come pre-started to get you over the first hump.

What’s included:

-Step-by-step video tutorials

-The Woobles Easy Peasy yarn,

-custom-made for beginners

-Pre-started crochet piece, so you can get right into practicing the main crochet stitch

-Plastic eyes


-Tapestry needle

-Stitch marker

-Pattern as a PDF download

-4mm ergonomic crochet hook

Skill level:  Beginner, recommended for ages 12+

Righty? Lefty? We've got you covered. Our pre-started beginner crochet kits work for both righties and lefties, and all Woobles crochet tutorials have both right-handed and left-handed versions.

Completed Size: 4.5 in tall, 3.5 in wide

Choose from: Felix the Fox, Fred the Dino, Kiki the Chick, Jojo the Bunny, Sebastian the Lion, or Pierre the Penguine! Or collect them all!

Out for delivery the first week of December!

Out of stock