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Tiny Baking! Perfect for kids or the Elf...

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This science kit deserves an A for Adorable, a B for Baking, a C for Cute, a D for Delicious, and an F for Food! Featuring tiny culinary tools and easy-to-follow recipes to make itty-bitty cooking creations, this kit taps into two growing trends: child chefs and the fascination with creating tiny food. The diminutive size and adorable cuteness of Tiny Baking! will have kids hungry to whip up super-small culinary concoctions using teeny-tiny tools. Recipes include miniature versions of classic favorites. And as all chefs know, there’s a lot of STEAM in cooking!

Product Description

- Real Food-Real science-real fun!

- 17 Piece tiny baking set featuring 20 enormously delish recipes

- 48 Page tried and true recipes and science to fill your belly and your mind

- Travels well in its own storage tin to grandma's or sleepover fun

- Fun, family activity that everyone can play a role

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