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TUFFO! ...Geared for active families! the Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket!

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The BEST family blanket for anywhere! Get yours before they are gone! Take it camping, to the lake, the beach, your favourite sporting event, and any other time a blanket may be handy! Because these blankets are compact and lightweight, they are ideal for travel, or to leave in your vehicle permanently to have on hand anywhere you go! Each Tuffo Blanket includes a carrying bag with pockets, is made with water-resistant polyester backing and soft polyester batting for softening surfaces you sit on. Machine wash cold. Expected to go out for delivery the first week of May Tumble dry low / line dry. Dimensions: 54” x 84: (137cm x 213 cm) Weight: 3lbs (1.4kg) Out for delivery mid April
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