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Water Beads BULK

Water Beads! From Water Bead Canada! Water Beads are a great and fun sensory product for anyone! These Water Beads come in BULK BAGS and you simply add them to water and in 4-6 hours, you have enlarged, squishy and fun water beads to play with! Made of polyacrylamide such as sodium polyacrylate, which is commonly known as a superabsorbent polymer. These great teeny products are also biodegradable! These Water Beads from within Canada are NON TOXIC for kids and pets! Water Beads are great for plants too! Just add them to the soil and they will help your plants stay watered while you are on vacation! Water beads absorb to increase 300-400 times their size and will slowly shrink back down to their original size if not exposed to water over time. How do you know how much to order? One 10 g pack makes approx. 4 cups (1-litre) when hydrated (please see other product options for more sizes). One 1/4 lb. bag makes approx. 45 cups (11-litres) when hydrated . One 1/2 lb. bag makes approx. 90 cups (22-litres) when hydrated. One 1 lb. bag makes approx. 180 cups (44-litres) when hydrated. WARNING:  Caution with young kids - water beads are safe & non-toxic - BUT can be a CHOKING hazard.  DO NOT put water beads down plumbing (drain/toilet). Keep water beads out of direct sunlight. Ship to us from within Canada and out for delivery 3rd week of October!
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