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Wine Decanter Carafes, & Aerators!

Red, White, Rose?! A beautiful Decanter Carafe is the perfect way to serve any wine! Enhance any wine with aeration and don't forget...on the off chance you have left overs, properly seal in the freshness for enjoying in the future! These products will help you enjoy your wine, anytime!
  1. The Gem: Angled spout to control pouring, made of mouth blown glass with a clever dimple for better grip. Great for aeration and presentation! 34 oz BPA and Lead Free. Hand Wash
  2. The Kangaroo: This uniquely designed carafe will surely impress your guests. Thanks to its built-in ice compartment, it is ideal for chilling wine, margarita, sangria, saké or juice without watering them down. Can use as an aerator for red wine as well! Delicate and light, the glass is mouth blown and hand made. Also, the angled spout allows you to control pouring. This carafe will surely be a staple at your receptions. 34 0z, BPA and Lead Free and made of Glass. Hand Wash
  3. Chill Carafe Cooling Set: This set is specially designed to aerate the wine and keep a perfect serving temperature for white and rosé wines. All you need is to fill the base with ice and set the carafe inside to chill the wine. The carafe is designed for maximum exposure to ice to keep your wine colder longer. What's more the spout is angled to control pouring. This elegant carafe is perfect for serving at parties! 34 oz, Made of Glass, and is BPA and Lead Free. Dishwasher safe.
  4. The Classic Wine Carafe: Serving wine has never been as elegant as with this carafe. Mouth blown and hand made, it has a narrow neck that allows for a comfortable grip. The large-surfaced classic shape maximizes aeration and your wine tasting experience. 64 oz, Made of BPA and Lead Free glass. Hand wash
  5. Pampered Chef Aerator: Let your red wine breathe and enhance the flavor without the wait with the Wine Aerator. It’s perfect for red wine lovers and people who like to entertain! Fits snuggly in the bottle opening. Instantly aerates as you pour! Hand wash. 1 year guarantee
  6. Evercork: Preserve your favourite wines! An airtight and watertight seal will keep your wine fresh for weeks. Enjoy your wine and reseal as many times as you need. Simply hold the stopper firmly down on the mouth of the wine bottle and pump until air is removed and stopper is snug. Pull straight up firmly on the stopper to remove. Makes a great gift choice for the wine lover in your life. Perfect for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, housewarmings, and more! Don't forget your own wine accessory drawer! Comes in an assortment of colors.
  7. Cappabunga Sparkling Wine Stoppers: Bottle Stoppers seal open bottles to preserve sparkling wine, beer or other carbonated beverages; keeping them fresh and delicious for days. Innovative design allows this reusable screw-on bottle cap to effectively seal champagne, beer and other glass bottles so your drink stays bubbly. Air-tight seal and easy to use - no more wasted sparkling wine or flat beer, carbonation stays fresh for up to a week. Easy to use, simply clip the base around the bottle neck, then screw on the cap for an air-tight seal, instructions included; hd washing is recommended. Makes a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer; look for other innovative ideas from for your kitchen
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