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Winesulator 25 oz Wine Canteen!

Winesulator Wine Canteen

Enhance your drinking experience with the Winesulator, your new go-to for transporting wine in style. Fits a full bottle of wine while maintaining the perfect temperature for over 24 hours! Allows you to take wine to the beach, pool, campsite, or any other glass-free zone. 


From camping trips and beach parties to lounging by the pool, the Winesulator lets you easily enjoy your favorite white or red on the go while maintaining the perfect temperature. From first sip to sunset.

Available in different colors, these make awesome gifts!

BRUMATE is part of our exclusive SHOPLIFT REBATE PROGRAM! For each Brumate Winesulator purchased, you will also receive a 15% Shoplift Credit! Credits will appear on your account for any future purchases as of June 22, 2020!

Out for delivery by the middle of July!

Out of stock