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WooBamboo Eco Floss Mint Biodegradable Silk

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WooBamboo Eco Floss Mint Biodegradable Silk

Woobamboo Biodegradable Silk Floss was designed to be the most environmentally friendly floss available.

The Floss itself is 100% natural, biodegradable silk, coated in bee's wax and organic mint. It's packaged in a unique plant-based plastic that opens up to become its own dispenser, completely eliminating the plastic cases used by other flosses on the market.

This floss really is "Dentist approved, Mother Nature recommended".

comes in 37.5m length

How many MILES AND MILES of plastic string should one person throw away in their life?

With WooBamboo, it’s ZERO!

Three ingredients: Silk, beeswax, and mint leaf. Plus, we’ve created an eco-friendly Floss made from natural silk, and encased in a cool, plant-based plastic shell. We’ve eliminated the need for a plastic case, as the packaging itself becomes your floss container! Pop it open, thread it, close it, use it. 37 meters of biodegradable silk floss. The silk is a derivative of silkworms. However, the methods we use to obtain the silk are completely cruelty free. Others will force the worms to produce silk by exposing them to boiling water, ours are naturally produced without harming the little guys. Because we have not harmed them in the process, it is considered to be Ahimsa (Peace) Silk. The packaging is made from plant-based materials that are recyclable.

Ingredients: Silk (from silkworms), Beeswax coating, Natural organic mint flavoring, (derived from Spearmint Oil, Cornmint Oil, and Menthol.)

Out for delivery mid February!

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