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Yummee Gummee Squishee Ball

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Yummee Gummee Squishee Ball
YES! The sought after sensory ball has arrived to our website!! We sell thousands of these in our store (they were originally an in-store only item) and we are excited to now offer them on our website also! Why are they so popular? Because they are the perfect size for any hand, they are squishy and plyable and fun to crush! They have a very squishy feel and are not sticky. Colorful squishy stress balls are excellent to help with anxiety, stress relief, physical hand therapy, squeezing or fun! stress balls are sensory toys that offer a quiet, less distracting way to exert restless energy. They can be used as tools to help with self-regulation, which may help increase focus and productivity. Available in assorted colours. Orders with multiples will have different colours included. On of our top sellers when kids shop with us! On sale all week until Friday Feb 19 and out for delivery by the first week of March!
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