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Zip n Store-Cold n Store Fridge Pullout


Cold n Store Fridge Pullout

The Cold n Store Fridge Pullout Unit is a revolutionary product that organizes storage bags in your refrigerator.  The Cold n Store can be mounted underneath your fridge shelf with included industrial strength adhesive strips. 19 slots are available to hold plastic storage bags of all brands and types of food products.  Using a full-extension slide out track, the Cold n Store allows you convenient organization, while giving you ease of access to leftovers or stored foods.


• Depth needed in refrigerator:16.80 in/42.70 cm

• Width of Zip n Store not including storage bag: 6.84 in/17.39 cm

• Shelf space for using quart storage bags: 9.75 in/24.76 cm

• Shelf space for using gallon storage bags: 13.75 in/34.92 cm

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